Catherine and John were married on one of those early days of Spring, when the sun teases with her rays, yet snow lingers around the green bulbs pushing up from the earth. The Publick House in Sturbridge, Massachusetts was the perfectly cozy backdrop for the romantic evening that unfolded.

The surest love was palpable in the room during the ceremony, and not just between the two saying vows. Catherine and John’s beaming family members and close friends in attendance emitted a love so true and supportive, we were welling up along with the whole bunch! Family ran its thread through this entire wedding, weaving together a wonderful group of supporters for the bride and groom who really lit up the dance floor when the music started!

We love catching the moments you’ll never forget as they unfold, and are delighted to share memories made on Catherine and John’s wedding day with you.

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Venue: Publick House Historic Inn | Sturbridge, MA

Florist: Atkins Farms

Hair & Makeup: Salon Vittoria | Springfield, MA

Bridal Gown: Pearl Bridal | Holyoke, MA

Cake: Publick House Historic Inn

DJ: Knight Productions