“Tell me what it is you plan to do with this one wild and precious life.” – Mary Oliver

If we know anything for sure, it’s that this is “one wild and precious life.” Mary Oliver always seems to get it right, doesn’t she?

So when life unfolds, be it your wedding day, an anniversary, your huge and slightly overwhelming family reunion, or just another typical Tuesday night – we know that these are the fleeting moments that make up this wild yet precious life. These moments become memories that live in the heart.

We approach photography from a documentary perspective, capturing events and emotions as they unfold. We don’t over pose or curate our shots, focusing on preserving the organic reality we witness. We hang back a little, ever-watchful and discerning, anticipating the moments that matter. We believe this life is beautiful untouched.

Working with couples and individuals as a wife & wife team is rewarding beyond measure. We love making connections with our clients, seeing their silly pet photos, making horrible jokes to provoke a laugh, all while creating of some beautiful photographs together. We bring our playful but gentle spirits to every photoshoot, ready to document the abundant beauty of your life.

Meet Sue & Lucy

Many people are inspired to pick up the camera after witnessing something amazing that they want to carry with them into the future. For Sue, that amazing thing was her dog Madden, and coincidentally, he really liked to be carried! No, but really – Sue’s love of photography was born out of a love for animals and their refreshing ability to be nothing but themselves at all times, even when in front of the camera lens. Shortly after starting Pugshot Pet Photography in 2012, Sue began to get requests from human subjects! Having mastered the art of jumping up and down and all around to capture her quick and cuddly fur-friends, Sue brought her documentarian style to weddings and portraits, completely falling for the realness she was able to preserve in images. It was right around this time that Sue fell for her future wife, Lucy.

Lucy began to accompany Sue on photography shoots back in 2013, at first, she admits, as a means of spending more time with her! Studying under Sue, Lucy brought her background in Art History and curatorial practice to the game, and developed an eye for artistic composition. She also has a penchant for lifestyle blogs, which inspires her slightly more curated style of photography while keeping things fresh and on-trend. Not long after her first wedding experience, this slightly timid assistant grew to be an integral member of the team and the two have been photographing together ever since.  In January 2017, Lucy officially joined Susan Nicole Photography as Administrative Guru and Co-Photographer.

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We were so lucky to get engaged in Paris, France! Here we are enjoying the Tuileries Garden.


We saw this eagle flying over the Connecticut River one morning and pulled out the camera as fast as we could!


Our pup, Madden. Muse to us both!